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Single surface reflectance & Thin-film thickness measurement system


• With a confocal optical module, MFS can measure the accurate single surface of the optical substrates(front or rear side surface)
• With a built-in camera, MFS can focus easily that to be measured.
• Overlapping the User Preset Specification on the R% result graph to help to judge the quality of the product.
• The measurable spectral range is from 380 nm to 1050 nm or optionally extended to 1500 nm.
• Excel export function
• Easy data comparison of multiple samples to be overlaid reflectance graph.
• Easy data Spec. setting for Pass/Fail judgment

User Interface.

Thin-film thickness and color properties are automatically calculated by measured reflectivity


Model name MFS(VIS / VIS-NIR)
Wavelength Range 380-800nm (option : up to 1000 nm or 1500nm)
Objective lens N.A. 0.12 (10X) / 0.24 (20X)
Beam spot size Ø50um (10X) / Ø25um (20X)
Measurable Surface Curvature -1R – -∞、+1R – ∞
Measurement Reproducibility ±0.2% (380 – 430nm)
±0.02% (430 – 750nm)
±0.2% (750 – 900nm)
±0.8% (900 – 1500nm)
Readable Resolution <0.5nm (NIR : <2nm)
Measurement Time Several seconds (depends on the sampling time)
Outer Dimension (Main unit) (W)280 × (H)630 x (D)420 mm
Operating Temperature 18 – 28℃
Ambient Humidity ≦ 60% (Non-condensing)