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OPM series is automatic transmittance or reflectance measurement system for the optical glasses/filters.
(OPM-300T series is for the T%, OPM-300R is for the R%)

The OPM series allows samples to be measured in seconds using a CCD array spectrometer.

MiFilmSense(MFS) is manual loading, tabletop type reflectance and thin film thickness measurement system.
With a confocal optical module, MFS can measure accurate single surface of the optical substrates(front or rear side surface).
With a built-in camera, MFS can focuses easily that to be measured.
User preset specification could be displayed on the R% result graph at the same time of the measurement which helpful to judge the product quality.
Measurable spectral range is from 380 nm to 1050 nm or optionally extended to 1500 nm.